Why thinking about you makes me crazy

One for the road. Those who have time enough to burn to read my blog may have noticed my fondness for writing (fondness, not talent – I leave it to other people to declare if I do have talent). I’ve been thinking about writing a book. Fiction. But my 3-month hiatus aside, I don’t have the time to fully devote to the craft (wish I have 39 million dollars so I could afford to not have a day job). But I still dabble, once in a while.

Also, obvious is the fact that I have taken a liking for Persona 3, and you may have noticed me rambling randomly about it in the form of quotes and posted Youtube videos here and there. What most non-gaming muggles don’t realize is hardcore gamers normally set aside short-timers like Tekken, Need For Speed and other non-story based games. Hardcores indulge in the more immersing genre, for example, RPGs (short for Role-Playing Games), those massive masterpieces that usually take at least two weeks to finish one run. Notable luminaries of the genre are the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series. Shin Megami Tensei is a fast-rising title that threatens to dislodge most of these old favorites. I won’t go into detail, suffice it to say that Persona 3 is one of the newest rages, owing mainly to its unforgettable characters. Like Akihiko and Mitsuru (pictured).

So, when a person combines his penchant for writing and love for these fictional characters, what usually results is a fan fiction.

Now don’t scoff. Many fan fiction writers are better than most published writers. And from my experience, some of the best fanfic writers in the internet have strutted their wares in a site called Final Fantasy Online, specifically its fan fiction forum. Now I don’t say this because I post my writings there too, I’m just stating the facts.

So, one for the road, my Persona 3 fanfic featuring Akihiko and Mitsuru (and a song most of you probably know).

By quistian

An incorrigible Gen-X cynic who writes too damn much