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The First Time

We’re not stupid.(Most of the time.)

We know what’s right and wrong. We know what are the things that we can and cannot do. We know the difference.

Bad = thou shalt not do.

But when interest joins forces with opportunity…

What do we do?

“Just this once.”

It’s okay to indulge ourselves. Just this once.

Is it?

Maybe. How could that one single time possibly harm us?

Interest and opportunity. Undisputed World Tag-Team Champions.

As long as you’re interested, and there’s opportunity, what’s to say that that “just this one time” wouldn’t turn out to be “just this first time”?

What’s to say that you wouldn’t want a second helping, especially if you already know how good it is?

As long as the opportunity is still there… and you still want it…

All avalanches start with the first trickle of loose snow.

All “hard habits to break” start with the first indulgence.

As long as interest and opportunity are there, “this one time” always has the potential to turn out as “the first time”.

And you’ll always have the potential to keep saying “just this second time”, “just this third time”, “just this fourth time”…

We’re not stupid. I’m sure we all get the picture.

By quistian

An incorrigible Gen-X cynic who writes too damn much