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“Sir, baka ma-chorva tayo dyan sa endorsement.”

“Guys, cho-chorva na kami, gabi na eh.”

“Joy, chorvahin mo na, uploaded na siya.”

I hear this word every single freaking day ever since starting with my current job 2 months ago. It’s one of those really admirably peculiar words (and there aren’t very many) that instantly change meaning depending on the context of the sentence. And also one of those words that either sound amusing or annoying, depending on who’s saying it. Coming from my team members, it’s amusing. I guess I haven’t really heard anyone who’s thundered it out to the consequence of my getting annoyed, though. Well, maybe this one person I know, but I haven’t heard from her for a long time (and I say that as a good thing  )

It’s also one of those words that I know, given my age, I will never, ever find myself uttering. It’s not because I think it’s jolog (irony intended, ahahaha) or cheap or unbecoming. Just… inappropriate. I’m a 38-year old overweight unsightly geezer who elicits an automatic “po” from everyone younger than me by 1 year, so don’t you think it’s kinda weird if I say something like that?

This evening, we had to stay to cover for a blunder one of my people made. My guys and I allowed ourselves to take a few minutes break before diving into the grinder again. Then I finished my McDonald’s fried chicken, stood up, and said “Tara, chorvahin na natin ‘to.” The looks on my teammates’ faces were priceless.

Question: how could you tell when I’m overworked, staying too long in the office and spending too much time with my team? There’s your answer

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