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“I miss the things you do”

 I miss…Â

  • San Francisco Bay Area (this is Melvin’s fault)
  • A nice slab of rib-eye steak (I’m currently on a fish-and-veggies-only diet)
  • Videoke with the gang (and Tiff singing My Immortal)
  • Serving in the music ministry
  • My second car – a 1998 Nissan Maxima Sports Edition (I call her Jet)
  • Pumping iron (it’s strangely incompatible with boxing)
  • The FFO Fanfic forum community
  • Driving to Elorde at Gilmore with Shy and Markku
  • BOXING (haven’t boxed for more than a week now)
  • SUBIC (and feeding tigers)
  • Petiks (huhuhu, always toxic heeeeere)
  • My brother (been 8 years but sometimes I still think I’m only dreaming)
  • SVI (loyalty is not dead yet)
  • Final Fantasy VIII
  • 01
  • and the rest of the gang
  • free throws (wahahahahaha!)
  • watching Michael Jordan play
  • WALNUT CREEK 94596 (long story)
  • and last but not the least…. YouÂ

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