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100 kilotons worth of damage

I used to have a friend at my former work place. And I really like her. In fact, everyone likes her. If ever the term “amiability incarnate” ever applied to one person, it’s a safe bet that it’s her. We used to be close, yeah. Certain events kind of conspired that made it a little awkward for us to talk openly, but I thought that’s okay. At least, I thought, I could still call on the friendship whenever the need arises again, or if ever the air gets cleared between myself and one of her friends.

Turns out that’s already impossible. I thought the only reason we haven’t been speaking the last few months is awkwardness. But it isn’t. She’s actually mad at me. Extremely.


Someone seems to have told her that I have been spreading some very unpleasant things about her to everyone.

What. The. Fuck.

Yes, this situation is so screwed it merits a full and uncensored F word.

Now what kind of depraved, demented, sanity-impaired sorry excuse for a human being would invent such a totally baseless, pointless, bullshitty and out-of-thin-air lie, and then actually tell it to her? How could someone be so Satan-fixated?

That lie completely ruined everything. It’s no different from detonating a nuclear bomb between me and that friend of mine, decimating everything between us.

You know, I’m into boxing. Only been at it for two months so far so I’m not very good yet. Still, my first pair of gloves didn’t last three weeks. My trainer said I pack a powerful punch.

I’d hate to have to use that on the person who told that lie about me.

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