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I might end up killing myself tonight if…

If I’d insist on going boxing. Yeah yeah, there’s something to be said about consistency (and I learned a hard lesson after skipping two sessions and going on the third so tired that I only managed three rounds of mitts), but not even Manny Paquiao dives into the grit after an all-nighter. Haven’t slept a wink yet(again), so if I’m going to box, I might as well play basketball with cinderblocks attached to my legs. And my legs are heavy enough as they are… Huhuhu…

Random thoughts again:

  • Nice to hear strangers laughing at my jokes. Last Saturday at the Subic Tiger Safari, while checking out the crocodile pool I called our tour guide and asked if any of those crocs are running for congress, bwahahaha (gets nyo)?
  • You owe it to yourself to try. Even if failure is an almost certainty, it’s better to have tried and failed than chicken out and then look back and wonder what would have happened if you tried. The shame is not in failure, but in cowardice.
  • I’d have to be the most egotistical ass in the world if a girl offered friendship and I suspect in return that she wanted more from me, just because I’m the spitting image of Justin Hartley (which I’m not, not by a parsec, but hypothetically speaking…)
  • Was looking at the Friendster photos of a former friend, and in between my snickers for observing that she and her boyfriend don’t look good together and cringing to an attack of sheer corniness at the sight of the pic of their intertwined hands, I just realized that I haven’t really forgiven her yet. I want to, really.  This chip on my shoulder is baggage I could certainly do without. But maybe it’s true that some offenses are hard to forgive unless the offender explicitly says sorry. But I doubt she would…
  • I admit to planning on watching some movies just to criticize them. Haven’t gotten around to lambasting X-Men 3 (which some described was the best movie of 2006 – please! It’s the worst X-Men movie, fer cryin’ out loud!) yet. Now there’s Frank Miller’s “300” that I have to work on as well.
  • Going out of my comfort zone. Not something I’m looking forward to, but it is something that I need to do.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 is chock-full of cut-scenes, which is turning out to be a bad thing because it’s starting to get boring. On the other hand, when I do get into a fight, the enemies seem to come at me endlessly! Luckily, I have my AR Max, hehehe.
  • I might hold another grand videoke session at home. It’s just a little sad that I couldn’t expect some of the same people I invited last year to come. Oh well…
  • I need a new pair of boxing gloves…
  • … Or maybe I should upgrade to freeform martial arts…
  • NBA 2K7 – the PS2 game: I HAVE CREATED A MONSTER! A pair of them, actually. Combine Dwyane Wade with a full 99 5’9″ point guard created player (whose name you probably know already, hwehwehwe) and you get the deadliest backcourt tandem professional basketball has ever seen! Too bad it’s just a fantasy (oh-woh-woh-woh)
  • Notwhitstanding my cat Dang’s excessive feistiness, I just realized she’s one hell of a pretty cat. If she were human, she’d be Angel Locsin =p
  • And last but not the least (since the original post was written 3/28), Belated Happy Birthday, Trisha 😉

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