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I wasn’t supposed to click on THAT link >(

You shouldn’t spend hours on the keyboard and then get your hands wet afterwards. Carpal tunnel is the least of your worries. In my case, spasm on my hands caused my fingers to click on a link that I’m not – by any circumstances imaginable – supposed to click on. Shoot, issue na naman ito.

Like last Saturday. Googling something about fighter jets, for some reason a link to what I perceive to be a porn site appeared in the search results. Bad: With the site I wanted just above it, I accidentally clicked on the porn site link. Realizing my mistake, I immediately clicked on the Back button.

Worse: Too late. The comp restarted. And when I booted up again, I realized that spyware has already invaded my system. So I spent the next two hours doing a full system scan. Found nothing. But the spyware warning messages were still appearing. Worst: Whenever I start IE, it crashes and causes a slow down of the entire system.

Question 1: Barring the Ten Commandments, is it okay to murder programmers of spyware?

Question 2: Any tips on how to fix my comp?

Thank you…

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